Mindy Phan

Available 8:15am – 6:00pm
By Appointment Only

I take pride in using only the best products. I believe that every skin is different and we know that the product and treatment that works for one person, can’t possibly work as well for everyone. I use extreme care and concern for each and every client. I customize the treatment to fit every client’s skin.


Series of six treatments – $520

Microdermabrasion is a treatment where very small, abrasive crystals of aluminum oxide are sprayed onto the skin under pressure, then vacuumed out in a fraction of a second. This should result in the removal of the dead, outer layer of skin. When this treatment is repeated several times, the younger, softer skin is able to move to the surface and some wrinkle and skin imperfections are literally erased. Several types of conditions that can be treated using this technique include aged skin, sun damaged skin, some types of acne, altered pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines, or enlarged and clogged pores.


I use ECHO2 system. It is a revolutionary oxygen skin care system employing pure oxygen gas along with Vitamins A, C, and E, 87 different minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. The ECHO2 plus oxygen treatment system prepares the skin step by step to receive the oxygen at the deep dermal or cellular level where it can stimulate the growth of healthy new skin cells and strengthen the collagen network. This system is radically different than every other so called oxygen treatment on the market today. It uses real oxygen; not hydrogen peroxide or some other chemically derived oxygen.


Infrared light therapy has been proven by NASA to “increase fibroblast proliferation”, which is critical production. LED light energy activity and collagen out put. It is safe to use on all ages and all skin types. You will see and feel an immediate plumping and softening of your skin and others will be amazed at the freshness and glow of your face. The initial result is somewhat temporary. It takes about four to six weeks for collagen to be produced and show a permanent result.

Rejuvenate yourself with this exfoliation of the skin. This, the ultimate facial, includes a steam, treatment masque, and an upper body and hand massage.


This is a professional deep pore- cleansing facial. All of our Acne Facials include steaming, extractions, specific treatment mask, and electrical high frequency treatment for killing bacteria inside the pore and pimples. We strongly suggest an at- home maintenance plan to be followed after this treatment.


The purpose of this facial is to smoothen fine lines and to clear and refine pore and skin texture. Extractions treatment mask and massage included.


This includes extensive exfoliations, steam deep pore cleansing, extractions, and concentration on neck and shoulder massage makes this facial a favorite among men.


This is used specifically for acne, rough, dry, or problem skin on an area that is hard to reach. Cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, and extractions are included in this specialized treatment.


Glycolic Peel – $75

PCA Peel – $75

Pumpkin Peel – $75

Oxygenating Trio Peel – $75

Esthetique Peel – $85

Sensi Peel – $85

Ultra Peel – $95


Brows – $12

Upper Lip – $10

Chin – $10

Whole Face – $43

Bikini – $30 and up

Brazilian – $40 and up

Under Arms – $15 and up

Full Arm – $35 and up

Half Arm – $20

Lower Leg – $30

Upper Leg And Bikini Line – $45

Back – $45

Chest – $45


This keeps eyelashes curled for two to three months – $45

Eyelashes or eyebrows tint – $18