Massage therapy for pregnant ladies can relieve the discomforts of pregnancy — and bring a little de-stressification to a mommie-to-be.

Our Tempe massage therapists can relieve some of the pangs of pregnancy, including

  • muscle soreness
  • swelling
  • stress and strain on joints and spine

But more importantly, the massage is a comforting ritual that can make restore a pregnant woman’s energy and peace of mind. A trained maternal massage expert understands these needs. The therapist can accommodate a pregnant woman’s changing body with special pillows and wedges, soft lights and proper bedding.

A maternal massage therapist will take special paints not to over-stretch the mother’s joints and ligaments — these can become very flexible during pregnancies. Deep pressure on the feet, hands, arms, and lower legs is avoided.

Some things to remember about pregnancy massage:

  • It is not a treatment or preventative measure against miscarriage or any serious pregnancy complications.
  • A pregnant woman should talk to her doctor before trying it. Some women who are at risk of preterm labor or suffering from blood clots should definitely not try massage.

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